Lucozade Advert

Advert 2 completeAdvert 1 complete

Target Audience:

13-35 young sporty people both male and female.

Missenscene + cinematography + editing techniques:

  • Pixlar express editing
  • Bright coloured back ground and contrasting
  • Lucozade as props
  • Slogan stands out
  • Used my camera on sports mode focused
  • Sports centre setting
  • Intense facial expressions serious
  • Plain no makeup
  • Natural look with airbrush editing
  • Professional sports wear dark
  • Added on effects and layers such as flames and light streams
  • Added brightening effect
  • Added black and white effect
  • Layered pictures on top of pictures



Language used

  • Used the actual Lucozade sport slogan
  • Simplistic language

Social + political objectives or factors

  • I used two models specifically one white female with athletic body and one mixed races male with athletic body
  • They look sporty and fit
  • Having diversity and equality
  • Working together
  • Doing the same thing not making one better than the other

Stereotypes and countertypes

  • I didn’t not want to use stereotypes in my advert although some may suggest that black males being sport it a stereotype not intentional.
  • Stayed away from white males to not be sexist or racist
  • I used diversity

Analyse why the magazine covers you have studied are laid out in the way they are.

We have studied the Big Issue covers we have done two case studies the may 1-3 2017 and the January 30- February 5.

magazine covers normally have a masthead at the top it stays the same through out all the issues. Some magazines have a skyline which is located at the top of the cover. How much the magazine costs or if its free on the cover. There is a cover star in the middle of the cover its a famous person or someone who is heavily featured in the magazine. There is a banner at the bottom of the cover, they also have plugs and puffs which give you a look into what the stories will be about as you read through. The point of a magazine cover is that it needs to grab readers attention so they stop and buy it. It also needs to inform people what the magazine will be about so they know if they are interested in buying it and reading it. Then busy business people don’t have to waste time stopping and flicking through to see if they want to buy it.

The magazine industry are facing a lot of problems with the internet taking over most magazines are online and you can get very similar information by using free apps like snapchat. 19 m adults read magazines on there phone each month. Circulation drops by 4% each month. Due to this drop in circulation magazines now have more advertisements to get the money they need for printing ect… They also have monthly subscriptions on online magazines to get the full magazine not the lite version to help with making profit.

Plugs are is the writing that tells you a little about how whats inside the magazine the puff is the more prominent normally with bigger writing and bolder. The Jan-Feb issue has no plugs at all and it has one puff which is the big writing in the middle its also the title.

Analyse how this magazine cover…

The magazine publication i chosen as a case study is the Big Issue January 30 – February 5 2017, the politics of the big issue is that they are highlighting the problems in the UK and helping people to understand them and to try and solve them. There ideology is ethical capitalism. This is a quote from John Bird about homelessness and poverty in the UK, “We have to do something radical about it,” Bird said. “We have got to stop the situation getting worse. If we can change our thinking about poverty, we can sort it out.” This helps prove his ideology and how he conveys that in the big issue.

A) Conform to the conventions of the genre: The big issue does conform to the conventions of a magazine cover layout. It has a the main convention in majority of there issues. They always have a masthead, plugs, puff and cover stars (not always in the middle of the page). However they have waved from the conventions of a typical magazine cover for example the January 30- February 5 2017 issue there cover star is in the top right hand corner and theirs two of them, there not in the centre of the cover like most cover stars are and theirs no plug suggesting there in the magazine. Although the rest of the cover is very conventional with the statistics as plugs, and a banner at the bottom saying “its in your hands.”

B) Promotes the magazines ideology: The magazines ideology is creating awareness to problems in the UK and how we can solve them. This cover is about homelessness and showing you how bad its getting by using statics as plugs, also with the main title being all in capitals grabbing your attention. Also with banner saying “its in your hands” this is a good technique for making readers think about how they can help people. Also the big issue is mainly sold by people who were homeless or still are and they use there magazine as a charity so the people selling the magazine get half the profit they make.

C) Appeals to its target audience: The Big Issues target audience is business men and women, people who are working and are interested in the problems in the UK and politics and who want to change how things are running in the UK. They appeal by having grabbing covers that give you a good heads up on whats inside to let you know if you want to be reading this issue or not. They have slapstick comedy about politicians   etc… which can give busy people with hard jobs something to smile about in the morning. Also the cover doesn’t have a lot of advertisements on it so people don’t get put off with thinking its just trying to scam you out your money.

Explain how representations in magazines are chosen to promote the publication.

I have chosen to do The Big Issue magazine because its a ethical capitalism magazine. which means it wants to produce a profit and use the profit to help social issues in a morally correct way. The Big Issue average circulation is 82,294 in 2017.

Magazines are dropping 4% of circulation every year due to more people reading the information online and the age group that buys magazines are 60+ so they are dying, although there is significantly more of them due to the baby boom after world war 2 therefore magazines need to get more advertising to keep the funding for the magazine unaffected by the circulation drop.

The Big Issue Magazine i am looking at is the May 1-7 2017 Activist Army. The Big Issue masthead always stays the same big black letters and a white background this is to show that its a serious magazine which tackles politics and social issues.  The puff is the cover star as the same time as they have replaced the “cover star” with the main story in the magazine. Normally there would be more than one plug but in this special edition theirs only one. There is no banner on this cover or an anchorage text. The colour scheme for this magazine cover is red, blue and white but there slightly off colour than the union jack which is what it is trying to represent. As its about British politics and social issues. It also gives it an older look which could be representing a past historical event or just be the style its going for.

The skyline gives us the price which is very important to the street vendors who sell them as they are reselling them and its key they make a profit. Its a charity as the people who resell The Big Issue tend to be homeless or were homeless and by selling these magazines they make money and it helps them get back on their feet, which is very important for them and the reputation of The Big Issue. Which ties into there ethical capitalism ideology they have as a organisation.

The cover of a magazine is very important as it has a small taste of what the main stories will be inside the magazine, to interest readers.  The cover on this Big Issue has Big Ben on it which lets us know its about London and the Uk, it also has raised fist which are very commonly known as an activist symbol and protesting.

The type of writing on this magazine cover is very grabbing as it is big and very noticeable. It starts with ‘we’ in big red letters which is grabbing peoples attention. ‘Change’ and ‘activist army’ are also in the red the rest of the words (longer ones) are in blue. This could be to make the most important words stand out. Its not the only significant writing the slogan underneath the masthead is very important too it says “a hand up not a hand out” again thats to do with there ideology which is helping people help themselves not just giving them charity. The big cover star writing is not very common for magazines as they normally have a lot more on the front cover but this seems to be the most important so they have singled it out. The type of language used is sharp and aimed at younger people, to stand up and protest and change is very popular for younger people as they have a lot of feelings about old fashion rules etc…